FAQ About A Wrought Iron Fence

Does the variety of fence choices available make it difficult to choose the most ideal type for your house? A wrought iron fence is a great option, as there are a few things that will make it a wise investment. In this article, you will find answers to a few of the questions that you might have in regards to investing in a wrought iron fence.

Will a Wrought Iron Fence Last for a Long Time?

Once you get a wrought iron fence installed, you can depend on it to last for a long time. A wrought iron fence is actually manufactured out of either steel or aluminum. No matter which of the metals your fence is made of, you can count on it to be resistant against rust. Your fence will not only remain looking good when exposed to rainwater, but there will be minimal maintenance necessary. For instance, if you opt for getting the metal painted, you might have to invest in getting the paint touched up every now and then.

Does a Wrought Iron Fence Add Beauty to a House?

A wrought iron fence can add a lot of appeal to your house. The fences are available in simple designs, or you can option for a design that is fancy. For instance, the metal can be customized and bent into any design that you desire. Your house might increase in value due to the curb appeal that a wrought iron fence provides.

How Well Can a Wrought Iron Fence Resist Wind?

When it comes to wind resistance, you can't go wrong by opting for a wrought iron fence. Unlike a solid wooden fence that can be knocked down on a windy day, depending on the quality, a wrought iron fence is likely to remain standing. Rather than pushing against solid fencing materials, wind will flow right though the metal bars of a wrought iron fence. It will likely take tornado or hurricane strength wind speeds to knock the fence down.

What Is the Price for Wrought Iron Fence Construction?

The amount of wrought iron fencing materials being installed will be one of the main things factored into the price. However, the height and style of fence that you opt for will also affect the price. Expect to pay a minimum of $30 per foot for the materials and professional installation. Get in touch with a fencing contractor from a company like Askatu Construction about your needs.