Benefits Of Having Driveway Gates

Most people have very little need to gate off their driveways, but for others a gate provides a number of benefits. A gated drive is often seen as only a luxury item, but a gate can prove a valuable investment for both your family's safety and the property value of your home.


Both manual and electric gates offer a great deal of security. When coupled with a fence that surrounds your home, they deter burglars and nosy neighbors. For homes in bad neighborhoods, a gate is almost as important as an alarm. Electric gates do provide more security than a manual gate, as they are harder to open. Along with the driveway gate, it's a good idea to install video surveillance or a speaker box at the gate that connects to your house. This will give you or family members the ability to identify anyone wanting access to your home.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is normally only thought of when a house goes up for sale, but the curb appeal can do more than raise the value of your home. It can also bring up the value of the homes around you. By lifting the value of the other homes in your neighborhood, you're adding to the community at large.


If you have children or pets, an electric gate along with a surrounding fence is perfect. This will prevent pets from racing out of the yard after the mail man or squirrels. It is also a clearly defined border for children playing in the yard. A gate also keeps people from approaching your children while they're outside, decreasing the fears of parents the world over.

Unwanted Visitors

Nothing says "stay out" to strangers like a gate. If you have a long driveway and your home is hidden from the street, a gate will ensure that people don't accidentally pull down your drive, thinking it was a road they were supposed to turn down. It also helps turn away door-to-door strangers looking to sell you an idea, a product, or anything else. When coupled with a camera or speaker, you can screen the visitors and act like you're either busy or just not home should someone show up that you'd rather avoid.

In short, installing a driveway gate is an investment worth thinking about. Professional fencing services can work with you to decide what type of gate and fence you need or want.