3 Reasons Cedar Is The Best Wood For A Fence

For several reasons, cedar is commonly considered the best wood for a fence. If you're thinking of having a privacy fence constructed, learn about the advantages cedar fencing has to offer. 


Cedar fencing is a lovely addition to a home. Property owners can choose from a variety of shades in either red or white cedar.

Red Cedar

Red cedar is sometimes referred to as western red cedar because it primarily grows in the western part of the United States. When you start looking at fencing materials, you'll know these are not different types of wood.

Red cedar offers an enormous variety of hues, ranging from subtle to dramatic and light to dark. The lighter shades retain a red tint that separates this wood from the blond look of white cedar.

The grain is straight and the wood can be provided nearly free of knots, known as clear red cedar. People who prefer a more rustic look or who need a more affordable option can buy red cedar that contains more knots. Knots occur when branches are sawed from the trunk.

White Cedar

White cedar is sometimes referred to as eastern white cedar or Atlantic cedar, as it mainly grows on the eastern side of the country. As it's name implies, it's lighter than most -- but not all -- shades of red cedar. 

This wood tends to look more rustic because of the prevalence of knots. The knots occur because white cedar is shorter than red cedar and most of the trunk contains side branches. However, if you like the color of white cedar and are willing to pay a bit more, you can order clear white cedar.

Resistant to Bugs

Cedar's aromatic oils make it repellent to insects and other bugs. That's why it's a favored choice for clothing closets, since people want to deter moths and other little pests from setting up shop there. The cedar scent won't be as obvious to you on an exterior fence as it is in a closet, but it will still drive insects away.

Resistant to the Elements

Compared with other wood, cedar is more resistant to decay from exposure to ultraviolet light and to wet weather. It's mildew-resistant as well. Cedar also doesn't gradually warp or shrink the way that some other wood fencing material does. Consider that cedar is commonly used in the building of spas and saunas.


You will need to apply a sealant every few years if you want to delay the natural weathering of cedar. The process is like applying a coat of paint.  

Contact fence installation professionals and ask about pricing for cedar fences in the size you have in mind.

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