Create A Compact Garden Using Chain Link Fencing To Create Lattice

Many people think that they need a large yard in order to create a garden. That is not the case at all. If you live in a townhome, you can use the small patch of land behind your home to grow a wonderful garden. The following guide walks you through the process of making the most of the little bit of land you have available to you without making any permanent changes to the property.

Measure for Your Lattice

The first thing you will need to do is to create lattice for your vegetables to grow on. The easiest and least expensive way to make lattice is to use chain link fencing that is attached to large metal poles. You can buy chain link fencing in rolls that are sold by the yard. Take the time to measure your plot of land. You want to be sure that each row is as long as it can be and that you space the rows at least a foot to two feet apart so that you can get between them with ease. Once you know the number of feet you need the chain link fencing to cover, you will be ready to head to the home improvement store.

Head to the Home Improvement Store

Next, you need to buy the materials to create your amazing garden. On top of the traditional garden tools, such as a shovel and rake, you will also need three- to four-foot-tall metal poles, a roll or two of chain link fencing (depending on how many feet you determined you would need for each row), wire cutters, and a package of zip ties. You will want to place a metal pole every few feet or so in each row and one at each end of the row.

Place the Poles

Place a pole at the end of each row and use a shovel to dig a hole that is at least half a foot deep. You need to be sure that each pole is secure enough to hold the weight of the fence as well as the vegetables without tipping over. Place another pole every few feet and dig the hole into the ground the same way as you did the other poles. Repeat the process until all of the poles are placed.

Cut the Chain Link Fencing

Unroll the chain link fencing. Measure from one end of the first pole all the way to the end of the last pole in a row. Use the wire cutters to cut the chain link fencing to the right length. Cut the rest of the fencing until you have enough panels to add to each row in your garden.

Attach the Chain Link Fencing

Have someone help you hold the fencing upright against the poles. Use the zip ties to secure the fencing to the poles at many different locations. Finish attaching all of the fencing to the rest of the poles accordingly.

When you finish, you can start planting your plants directly under each panel you created. As the plants start to grow, weave them through the chain links so that they grow up the fencing rather than on the ground. For larger fruits and vegetables, tie handkerchiefs through the links and cradle the larger produce as if they were in a hammock.

For more advice, speak with professionals like the Gatlin Fence Company.