Ideas For Creating A Colonial Style Front Yard

If you have a traditional or historical style home, a Colonial yard would be a beautiful complement. Colonial gardens date back to the estates of the Plymouth colonies. The style mixes functional design with a light color palette. Utilize elements of the Colonial style yard for a landscape that's both formal and functional.

Pastel Palette

The traditional palette for Colonial landscaping is pastel. Typically this comes through in the flowers, with lilac and roses being popular choices. Other likely flowers for your garden include phlox, hydrangea, freesia and morning glory.

Another option for promoting your color palette is an accent tree. The Landscaping Network suggests utilizing a small tree with colorful foliage to create visual interest in your yard. Crab apple trees are a likely option since they offer pretty pink blossoms in spring that become golden orange come fall. Japanese cherry trees are another good accent color tree.  

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are the epitome of formal and functional. Often ornate designs topped by decorative finials still function as a barrier between the street and your yard. Iron fences have the bonus, though, of being relatively transparent, so they don't appear to close off your yard from the street.

While wrought iron fences were once hand-crafted by iron mongers, now they're typically manufactured of aluminum tubes powder-coated almost any color. Black is the traditional color for iron fencing, but a white or even pastel wrought iron fence would make a whimsical addition to your Colonial yard. Contact a local fence company, like City Wide Fence Co, to see the designs available.


Colonial yards are typically symmetrical, so consider a straight pathway from the curb to the street. While gravel was a popular choice for walkways in historical times, stone or slate is a more practical option now. The walkways are typically wide and can feature offshoots if the yard is big enough. A very attractive display is to plant flowers or decorative grasses along the path.  

Garden Accents

Water fountains and sundials are characteristic elements for a Colonial garden. Indeed, a sundial nestled among your pastel flowers would be a charming addition to your front yard.  Consider placing such a tableau within sight of the house so you can enjoy it at any time. Another option, and one with a more formal effect, is having a fountain installed in the center of a wide walkway.


The most attractive landscape lighting comes in layers. For your pathway, you could either utilize path lights or a directional light. Likewise, select features such as a sundial or colorful tree for accent lighting. Uplighting works well with trees, while indirect light is better for accent features.

With wrought iron fencing, a straight pathway and pastel landscaping, your front yard can create the charm of a formalized Colonial landscape.