Choosing the Right Fence to Secure Your Home

If you're concerned with home security and you're in the market for a fence, then you want to choose a fence that gives you a look you want to achieve for your property while making you feel secure in your home. This article will explain the benefits the different types of fences offer so you can choose the right one for your needs.

A solid wood fence

A solid fence will keep prying eyes from seeing what you have in your yard and will also prevent them from looking through your windows into your home. A solid wood fence that's fairly tall will also make it harder for someone to come onto your property and restrict them from being able to leave with much.

The down side to a solid wood fence is that your neighbors will also not be able to see in your yard. This means, if you happen to be gone for a few days, thieves can be in your house for long periods of time and no one would even know.

A shadowbox fence

A shadowbox fence is one with staggered pieces of wood that alternate on each side of the fence. The fence is designed to look the same on both sides and the end result is one that offers you a good deal of privacy. However, people can see a small amount through the fence at an angle. This means that a thief won't have a clear view of what you have in your yard, but your neighbors will be able to see some movement from their side of the fence. These fences can also be built to any height.

Wrought iron fencing

A wrought iron fence won't give you much in the way of privacy since anyone can see right through the gaps between the iron. However, if you have a tall rod iron fence installed, it will make it extremely hard for thieves to jump it and this means they will foresee a hard time removing your property as well. These types of fences are often chosen for their ability to fence a yard in while providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscaping.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is very versatile. It can be left as it is so your neighbors can have a clear view of your home and thieves will have to climb it to gain entrance. Or, you can choose to add slats to it for added privacy. Then, there is another option of using wood rolls to get 100 percent privacy.  Chain link fences can be built very short or extremely tall, depending on your needs.

Now that you have a better idea of what the different types of fences have to offer, you should find it easier to decide which is going to be the right one for securing your home. Contact a company like Phoenix Fence, Co. for further advice or to schedule an appointment.