3 Ways To Keep Your Home's Windows Secure

Everyone is concerned with keeping their home and family safe. You want to make sure that no one can get into your castle and take your things. You also want to be confident that when your family goes to sleep at night, no one is going to come in and make them scared. There are a lot of things that you can do that don't mean that you have to buy an alarm system. Most of them are fairly easy and some are very inexpensive. 

1. Make Sure Your Windows Are Locked

Before you go to bed or leave, you should make a quick check of all your windows, especially windows on the bottom floor. Make sure that they are all shut securely and locked. Some windows just have the thumb locks that just need to be flipped from one side to the other to lock the windows. However, there are others which are slightly more secure. They require you to push down a button while you are unlocking the window and then hold down an additional piece to open the window. If your windows don't have that particular kind of lock on them, you may want to see if you can upgrade.

2. Trim Your Bushes

You don't want to give anyone a place to hide near your windows. That means that if you have bushes or shrubbery right around your windows, you should trim them down so that they don't block your windows. If you can move them, it would be a good idea. If you can't, once you trim them down, you may want to fill in with plantings or landscaping that may deter someone from using the bushes as a hideaway. That can include using decorative iron fences that need climbing over, as well as gravel, or even plants that have thorns on them, like roses. 

3. Install Bars

You probably don't want to make it look like your family is living in prison, but wrought iron window bars aren't like that. Not only are they functional, they can be decorative. When you choose to get bars or grates for your window, you can get something that is very ornate and looks like it was made just to fit in with your home. The grates won't interfere with your windows being opened, but they will make it impossible for people to get in from the outside—or out from the inside, which can be an added safety measure. You can also make sure that the bars or grates that you choose have a feature that will allow them to open out so that you can still use that window as a way to get out in case of a fire. 

Keeping your home and family safe is one of the most important things that you can do. Contact a company like Bracci Fence Inc for more inspiration about how to keep your house secure.