You Can Give Chain Link Fencing A Natural Look And Add Privacy To Your Yard

If you are looking for a fence around your property and you would like one that adds privacy without taking from the natural look of your property, you can still go with a chain link fence. A fence made of chain link will last you for many years to come and it won't be as prone to weather damage as a wood fence. There are ways you can add natural looking privacy to a chain link fence so you can get the best of both worlds. This article will give you some great tips on things you can do to turn a traditional chain link fence into a privacy one that allows your yard to maintain its scenic appearance.

Grow shrubbery up the fence

There are different types of vines that can be easily convinced to grow up and through your chain link fencing. You want to plant the foliage at the base of the fence and thread the ends through the holes in the chain link, moving them at an upward angle. If you have pieces that don't want to stay in place, you can use zip ties to keep them where you want them.

You can grow full hedges in front or in back of the fence as well. You do want to make sure you account for their growing roots when you plant them, so you may want to purchase them from a nursery who's knowledgeable in the growth needs of the shrubbery. They can give you the proper measurements and necessary depth specifications for planting them.

Attach wood rolls to the fence

Another option is to attach wood rolls to the fencing. Wood rolls are just what they sound like. They are rolls of wooden looking material designed to add privacy to chain link fences. You can purchase the rolls in the design of your choice with a few of the options including bamboo, willow twig and pine. While the wood rolls will be susceptible to weather damage, they are much easier to replace than an entire wooden fence would be.  

Attach natural hedge slats to the fence

You can purchase slats that fit between the chain link in many styles. However, if you are most interested in giving your fence a natural look, then you should consider attaching natural hedge slats. These slats are green in color and they have material on the surfaces of them that makes them look like a hedge. From a distance, these slats will give the appearance of a real hedge around your property.

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