Styles Of Wood Fencing For Your Yard Other Than Privacy Fencing

Wood fencing is one of the most popular and stylish types of residential fencing available. While wood fencing might automatically bring to mind high privacy fencing, there are actual several different types of wood fencing available. Choosing the right style depends on budget, functional need, and personal preference.

Here are a few different types of wood fencing you can discuss with your fence company

Split-Rail Wood Fence

Split-rail fences are the type often seen around farms or ranches. Wooden posts provide the stability for horizontal poles that run between each set of posts. There are usually two horizontal poles running parallel with a sizable gap in the middle. The poles can either be flat like planks with the widest side pointed out or round like logs.

A split-rail fence is good for marking a property line and adding a western or southwestern décor touch. But this isn't the right type of fence if you are trying to keep people out or need to keep animals safely in your yard.

Picket-Style Wood Fence

Picket-style fences tend to be fairly short and feature spaced out fence planks or pickets running along the outside of the frame established with the posts. Pickets tend to have decorative tops to highlight the fact that this fence is mostly meant for décor reasons.

Picket fences look beautiful in front of smaller, cottage-style homes particularly if there is a lush front garden. This style can also keep smaller animals in the yard if the pickets aren't so far apart that the animal could squeeze between.

Shadowbox Wood Fence

A shadowbox-style fence is similar to a privacy fence in height and the size of its panels. But instead of the panels all being on the same side of the posts, as is the case with privacy fences, the shadowbox panels alternate between both sides of the fence posts.

What's the advantage of this type of setup? The alternating panels allow through more air, which might be desirable if your yard has open areas on one or more sides that promote cooling winds. And the positioning of the panels, while not as visually blocking as a traditional privacy fence, are still enough to keep a sense of privacy in your yard.

Shadowbox fences are a great privacy fence alternative if you want something more visually interesting but don't want to go as open-air as a split-rail or picket fence. For more information, contact a company like Mills Fence.