Home Fencing 101: 4 Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Color

If your current fence is looking a bit dated or old, it might be time for a new one. A new fence can really transform the look of your yard—turning it into a beautiful and private escape, or a fun and vibrant place for relaxation. When choosing the type of fence you would like, you obviously go over materials and size.

However, you should also consider the color. The color of your fence can really take your yard over the top and transform it into a soothing place. If you are interested in choosing a color for your fence, use these four tips to help you choose one that fits your yard and personal style:

1. Determine The Focal Point

Color has a massive impact on your yard. A bright color might bring your eyes to focus on the fence, while a darker color will allow the foliage in your yard to stand out. Determine what you want the main focus of your yard to be and choose a color that compliments it.

A white fence is the most traditional, and it will bring attention to any large structures in your yard such as a pond or retaining wall. A darker color, such as black or dark green, will draw attention to the foliage because the dark color will make the greens, oranges, and pinks pop. Finally, a neutral color such as brown or tan, will help the fence blend in to its surroundings.

2. Make It Match

If you don't want the fence to be a focal point in your yard, consider making it match your existing home. Use the colors of your exterior paint and choose a fence color that matches it. Alternatively, you can match the fence color to the trim of your house for a more classic and elegant look.

3. Be Vibrant and Bold

On the other hand, if you want the fence to be the focal point, consider being bold with your color choice. You can make the fence a single bold color, such as red. Alternatively, you can paint the fence with random pops of color to create something more unique and eclectic.

4. Review Homeowners Association Policies

Finally, make sure you review the policies in your neighborhood and homeowners association policies. You do not want to fall in love with a color, only to discover that you can't use it. So do your research and choose a color that you love and is acceptable to your neighborhood.

Choosing a color for your new fence might seem daunting, but it should be fun. Use these tips to help to you pick a color that is bright and bold, neutral, or traditional for your new fence. As always, contact a professional for the fence installation